Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lifts are a type of sling lift where a tracking system is installed in the rooms where the patient sleeps and bathes. Ceiling lifts can be freestanding, ceiling mounted, or wall mounted. A ceiling lifts can be installed anywhere, go through doorways, have switching to move to different rooms, and provide excellent lifting height for taller beds. Ceiling lifts are the best solution for caring for someone that needs regular lifting. Safety and ease for both caregiver and resident.


RiseAtlas450 Ceiling Lift

Quick release trolley system easily removes from the rail in seconds Never stand on a ladder working on this ceiling lift! Just quickly remove it from the rail to do annual maintenance. RiseAtlas is a safe and easy-to-use stationary ceiling lift … Continued

RisePorto Portable Electric Ceiling Lift

RisePorto is one of the smallest and lightest portable ceiling lift units available on the market. At the same time, it is both strong and safe. When used with the appropriate lifting accessories, RisePorto provides secure, comfortable and individually adapted … Continued

Home Care Ceiling Lift System

Castor & RiseBasic Ceiling Lift System   Castor: Castor uses standard ceiling lift track and can be cut to fit your room Castor is a safe, high-performance and portable freestanding lift stand which, in combination with a rail and a … Continued