Grab Bars

Modifications to our surroundings will become necessary as we grow older and face the added challenges associated with living at home.Falls are the most common accident around the home and can be prevented by the use of handrails and safety bars to provide stability and the extra support required by the elderly and people with limited mobility.

Handrails can be used throughout your home to provide safety and help prevent falls along hallways, steps and ramps. A safety grab bar railing will help you keep your balance and provide a safe, accessible surrounding and reduce your risk of falling. It’s the most cost effective home and bathroom modification made!


Designer Grab Bars

Grab bars that don’t look like grab bars   Why install grab bars when you can install luxurious bathroom accessories?   Add a stylish element of safety to your bathroom décor with these durable, beautifully functional grab bars. The graceful … Continued

Healthcraft Serana Seat

Serena Shower Seat

A beautiful wall mounted fold up shower seat will add safety and convenience to your bathing activities. An exceptionally solid, fold down shower seat with a slim profile that features the beauty and resiliency of Brazilian walnut. Features Discreet wall … Continued

Healthcraft PT Rail

Toilet Grab Bars

Grab bars and rails installed near the bathroom toilet will help avoid injury by providing safety, additional support and balance when sitting, standing or transferring from a wheelchair or walker. Pt Rail By Healthcraft Incredibly Strong Hinged model easily folds … Continued

Healthcraft DependaBar

Dependa-bar Safety Bars

The Dependa-Bar™ is a revolutionary combination of standard wall mounted grab bar, with pivoting section that moves away from the wall and can be used as a standing assist device or balancing aid. Pivoting & Locking Technology Dependa-Bar™ locks every 45° … Continued