Mobile Lifts

Mobile lifts are either sling lifts (patient Hoists, floor lifts, patient lifter) where the patient has limited to no mobility and the lift supports all weight or stand assist devices (sit-to-stand lifts, stand up lifts) that assist someone who has some mobility.

Assisted Standing / Relocating Devices are a type of patient lift that helps moving people around easier and are quicker to use than a standard patient lift.


Carina350 Collapsible Mobile Lift

Carina350 easily collapses down for storage. The the highest lifting collapsible floor lift Weighing only 76 lb it is easy to move around. With just a few, simple operations and without any tools, Carina350 can be collapsed or set up as … Continued

Eva450 Mobile Lift

Lightweight aluminum making this floor lift easy to maneuver compared to other “Hoyers” Lift, repositioning, limb lifting, and more with combination sling and versatile repositioning sling; even works with walking harness for rehabilitation This piece of equipment is ideally used … Continued

MiniLift125 Compact Sit-to-Stand Lift

Perfect home use sit-to-stand lift! Small footprint, lightweight, easy to maneuver, and comfortable to use. MiniLift125 is a mobile sit-to-stand lift which, together with a specially adapted rising vest, enables users with reduced function to rise up. MiniLift125 offers a unique … Continued

RL9 Bath Lift

 RL9 Bath Lift shown here with optional harness             The RL9 Bath Lift is specifically designed for use with the RG9 Victoria freestanding side-entry bathing system. Your dependent to semi-dependent residents will experience seamless transfers … Continued

Eva600EE Mobile Lift

SystemRoMedic™ – Eva600EE: Extra strong and safe, for heavier users When used with Handicare’s functional and easy-to-use SystemRoMedic™ lifting accessories, Eva600EE is the right choice for lifting in connection with transfers to and from the floor, chair or bed, as … Continued