Slings & Harnesses

Floor lifts, sling lifts, or patient hoists, commonly called Hoyer lifts (Hoyer is the oldest brand) use a patient sling to hoist the person up and support the total body weight. The fabric patient sling is placed under the person to be moved and sling is attached to the clips on the floor lift spreader bar. Lift is either manual (very slow) or electric. Properly designed floor lifts should allow a person to be lifted from a wheelchair, bed, bath, floor (many lifts will not lift from the floor), and to anywhere they might need to go using various slings.

There are numerous types of slings that allow a patient to be lifted in either a supine position or seated position. Sling types are combination slings, toileting slings, showering slings, repositioning slings (for turning or moving patients in bed and limb lifting for cleaning/care), and balance / unloading harnesses for rehabilitation. Unloading Balance Harnesses use the lift to assist walking in rehabilitation (not all lifts are designed for this).



Standard model for users who need a lot of support HighBackSling is designed for use in most common lifting situations, e.g. for sitting transfers between bed and wheelchair, and when the user needs extra head support. HighBackSling can also be … Continued


Pliable support for users with joint pain, amputated legs, need extra head support FlexibleSling is a sling that meets the need for a lot of support and, in a flexible way, follows the contours of the body and gives the user … Continued

Walking Vest

For gait training in combination with a mobile or stationary lift WalkingVest is a vest designed for rising and gait training with the help of a stationary or mobile lift. WalkingVest provides support at the groin and is kept in … Continued


For horizontal lifting and positioning with a two-point sling bar SafeHandlingSheet is a sheet that is used for horizontal lifting or for positioning of a user in bed without subjecting the caregiver to unnecessary strain. SafeHandlingSheet is used in combination … Continued

Manual Transfer Aids

Stand-alone and combination of devices by Handicare’s System RoMedic provides individually adapted solutions! To create optimal solutions for users with different needs, most assistive devices can be used in combination with one or several other manual transfer aids. The user manual, the videos, and … Continued


For activating users in a standing shell StandingVest is a lift vest that is specially designed for lifting in connection with standing training when the user uses a standing shell. StandingVest provides support in the groin, around the upper body … Continued