Healthcare Facility Bathtubs

Rane has been manufacturing quality Walk in bathing systems for care facilities since 1997. Featuring numerous standard features and options, Rane bathing systems will enhance the bathing experience for the resident.

  • 100% made in the USA from the highest quality components and materials.
  • 5 institutional models designed wholly for the people that use them.



RG9 Victoria

Rane RG9 Victoria

The RG9 Victoria is a freestanding tub that allows the caregiver 360º unobstructed access to the resident. The low threshold and wide side-entry door allows easy access for residents with various degrees of mobility and the built-in contoured seat allows … Continued

RR7II Atlantic

The RR7-II Atlantic has a unique tilting function, which allows patients with challenging conditions to recline in a contoured seat and become immersed in warm water. At only 24 gallons to pre-fill the foot well, water usage and the associated … Continued

RS8 Geneva

RS8 Geneva

RS8 Geneva Recumbent Bathing System The RS8 Geneva is designed to bathe highly dependent residents safely and comfortably and is compatible with a wide range of transport and lifting devices. The key- hole shape enhances patient comfort with extra room for … Continued

RK12 Winnipeg

RK12 Winnipeg

The RK12 Winnipeg is a freestanding tub that allows the caregiver unobstructed access to the resident. Full set of standard features: CleanRane™ Air Spa System Thermostatic mixing valve Shower wand Built-in disinfection system Water temperature display Easy to use control … Continued

RL9 Bath Lift

 RL9 Bath Lift shown here with optional harness             The RL9 Bath Lift is specifically designed for use with the RG9 Victoria freestanding side-entry bathing system. Your dependent to semi-dependent residents will experience seamless transfers … Continued